Still Under the Gun
— Korea 1954 —

At the time (Feb 1954), the 1stMarDiv had one regiment across the Imjin River, between it and Korea's DMZ (not much room to maneuver). The other two regiments were south of the river—one regiment in immediate reserve and the other fluid, practicing landings at Inchon, etc.

When I arrived, my regiment was in the training cycle, then we moved to reserve, then finally we moved across the Imjin River—eyeball-to-eyeball with the north.

View a map of wartime Korea; Munsan-ni is located just above and to the left of Seoul. View additional military maps.

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SSgt. Jay Lindsey (May '54),
outside his hootch at AT Co.,
1st Marines, Munsan-ni,
Korea (near DMZ)
RIP: 29 Feb 2016