Eagle, Globe, Anchor emblem of U.S. Marine Corps
Marines @ Work
Niader, Frank
Beloved Son and Brother

Oass, Dick
14 July 1967

Paull, William
From Butte to Iwo Jima

Reid, Tim
   Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo

Shepherd, Mike
   Protest & Change: The
Antiwar/draft Movement   
and Selective Service   

Stockton, Jim
   Shimpai Nai

Thomas, W. Ray
   A Journey Back in Time

Thorpe, Darby
   Memoirs of a Woman
      Marine, 1963-64   
   My First Time

Tobin, Cal
   Capt. Spillers Awoke
      on the Ocean Floor
   How to Raise an American
   PVT Williams & the Gang that   
Couldn't Shoot Straight   
   Sadness. . .1969
   Shaky Jake was a 46 Pilot
   Why I'm a Hard-Ass

Trina, Jay
   Dining with the Enemy
   Nomad's M1 Garand

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